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2014 Annual Golf Tournament Entry Form Posted

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Other Events
Saturday, April 26 Fun Day
Friday, May 2 NLL Dance and Silent Auction
Sunday, May 4 Annual Golf Tournament
Upcoming Games
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Home Visitor Field
T-Ball 6:30PM Rangers  Pirates  T-Ball Field
Minor Girls 6:30PM NV Power  Rsnberg  Field 2
Major Boys 6:30PM Rockies  Rangers  Field 3
Major Boys 8:00PM Braves  Marlins  Field 3
Thursday, April 24, 2014 Home Visitor Field
Pee Wee Girls 6:00PM Boilng Diamond Divas  Boling Red Hots  Boling
Pee Wee Girls 6:00PM NV Red Hotz  NV Sparklerz  Field 2
Pee Wee Girls 6:00PM Rsbrg  NV Diamondz  Rosenberg
MP Boys 6:00PM Mets  Dodgers  Machine Pitch Boys Field
Minor Boys 6:00PM Rockies  Pirates  Field 3
Minor Boys 8:00PM Blue Jays  Astros  Field 3
Friday, April 25, 2014 Home Visitor Field
T-Ball 6:00PM Orioles  Reds  T-Ball Field
Minor Girls 6:00PM Boling Fire  Rsnberg  Boling
Major Girls 6:00PM EB Intensity  EB Wild Katz  East Bernard Maj/Jr
Major Girls 8:00PM Boling  Rsnberg  Boling
Saturday, April 26, 2014 Home Visitor Field
T-Ball 10:00AM Royals  A's  T-Ball Field
MP Boys 10:00AM Dodgers  Astros  Machine Pitch Boys Field
Minor Boys 10:00AM Astros  Rangers  Field 3
Major Girls 10:00AM Kaos  Shock  Field 2
T-Ball 12:00PM Astros  Rockies  T-Ball Field
Pee Wee Girls 12:00PM NV Sparklerz  NV Gemz  Field 2
MP Boys 12:00PM Reds  Mets  Machine Pitch Boys Field
Minor Boys 12:00PM Pirates  Blue Jays  Field 3
T-Ball 2:00PM Reds  Blue Jays  T-Ball Field
Pee Wee Girls 2:00PM NV Red Hotz  NV Diamondz  Field 2
MP Boys 2:00PM Rockies  Blue Jays  Machine Pitch Boys Field
Major Boys 2:00PM Braves  Rockies  Field 3
T-Ball 4:00PM Orioles  Rangers  T-Ball Field
Minor Girls 4:00PM NV X-Treme  NV Lightning  Field 2
T-Ball 6:00PM Pirates  Yankees  T-Ball Field
Minor Girls 6:00PM NV Power  NV X-Plosion  Field 2
Major Boys 6:00PM Rangers  Marlins  Field 3
Little League Pledge
I trust in God
I love my country
and will respect its laws.
I will play fair
and strive to win.
But win or lose,
I will always do my best
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